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Lagoon of Mataiva

"A beautiful shot of the lagoon of Mataiva in Tuamotu islands by Delphine Barrais"

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"44 years of Polynesian life across the islands of the 5 archipelagos. passionate about aerial drone shots, I landed on t..."

Welcome to island media

Island Media is the world’s leading media bank specializing in the theme of the Polynesian and Pacific islands, offering authentic, high-quality photos, videos, illustrations, and audio recordings.

Born on the island of Tahiti, Island Media is a platform that will promote a range of media on the theme of the islands of Polynesia and the Pacific. Here, you can find photos, illustrations, audio recordings, and videos related to the culture of the Polynesian peoples, the fauna and flora, the tropical richness specific to each island, and more.

As you explore our website, you will find media captured and created by local contributors: underwater photos of the island of Bora Bora, the sounds of the Ukulele, majestic coconut trees, the mythical Teahupoo wave, or even tattoo illustrations recalling the Marquesas - the cradle of the tattoo. All this content can be used on different media.

Each island has its own wealth and aspects that are sometimes unknown. Each island is also full of talent - photographers, illustrators, tattoo artists, and musicians - and all contributors are passionate about the natural beauty of these islands. Island Media wants to create a link between these contributors and users so that our islands and talents are seen and recognized.

Island Media will help you discover or rediscover the wonders of our islands.