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Our Story

Island Media aims to collect the best photos, videos, illustration, and audio content on the theme of the Pacific islands.

The idea for this online platform originated on Tahiti...in the middle of the Pacific Ocean...

One day in 2017, we began to imagine a place, like an intangible paradise, where people with treasures and the ability to properly identify them (name, place name, island name, use of different Pacific languages, etc.) could make them available so that others who needed these treasures but did not have the capacity to create or harvest them could simply benefit from them.

We do not have much knowledge in coding or website development. On the contrary, we work in the fields of textiles, screen printing, design, and art. In our activities, we regularly hear this problem from our collaborators, friends or acquaintances:

  • “There is no photo or video content that looks like us!”
  • “We can’t find any quality photos of our islands, of our people!”
  • “We can’t properly enhance our websites!”
  • “I can’t find any “toe’re” sounds or Polynesian percussion to make my teasers!”

It had become clear that Island Media had to come into existence at some point.

So the three of us embarked on this titanic but definitely necessary project to make our idea real. We were already aware that the work would be slow, hard, and not without sacrifices, but the will to bring our dream to life was stronger.

Our dream is:

  • to highlight these hidden or poorly identified treasures of the islands;
  • to give them a full place on the Web;
  • to be able to find what we are looking for;
  • to be able to share what we have with those who need it.

The islands are much more than just a sunset with coconut palms. The “Vahine” are not women in plastic dancewear. Each island is different and authentic. The islands can not only be seen and felt, but also listened to...

Island Media wishes to become the place where the islands are discovered or rediscovered... through:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Illustrations
  • Sounds

Mauruuru roa to tatou pou roa – Thanks to everyone!

The Island Media Team



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Many thanks to the organizations and persons who have supported this project.

Our partners : Air Tahiti Nui - Ninamu Resort French Polynesia - TNTV
Teaser project : Tamatoa Laurens - Yves E. Malakai - Tim McKenna (crédit photo)
Teaser participants : Manuia Tattoo - Teruria Taimana - Raimana Dauphin - Heimana Flohr - Rémy - Taaroa et Vetea
And also  La Banque SOCREDO - Sofidep - #Prox-i